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  • The Go To Social Trading Platform for Equity Crowdfunding

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  • The Go To Social Trading Platform for Equity Crowdfunding
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  • Sharing Economy
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  • i2i network
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  • UK
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In 2011 the global crowdfunding market was valued at $1.5 billion, and has grown by 562% to $10 billion today. Forecasts show that by 2025 the market will near a value of $100 billion. In particular equity crowdfunding is booming in the United Kingdom, where the market tripled in size last year and is now worth over £84m. Through equity crowdfunding, investors can support a campaign in exchange for company shares. Many risks are associated with these type of investments and the current illiquidity of the market is the main restriction investors face. We, at i2i, are going to change this. We are in the process of developing an user-friendly and secure online marketplace that connects investors to an extended network for swift and easy trading of unlisted (crowdfunding) shares to boost liquidity and mitigate risk. As part of our business model we will process the legalities involved, facilitate the exchange and charge a percentage transaction fee. Furthermore, we believe in a socially driven community, where firms and investors will trade with mutually beneficial outputs.