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Pre Series A


Sunn is a solution to connect innovation seekers with innovation providers. We do have some iLabs from Harvard and MIT among others, as well as over 2,000 innovative start-ups from around the world. On the other side we have over 1,100 VC funds registered such as NetCapital or KGA and companies like Microsoft Spain or Telefonica Ventures seeking for opportunities. Having said this, I know we are a very small start-up but with a great potential.

Our competitive advantage is that we are the only platform that offers what you need instead of you having to search what may match with your needs. The reason for this is Sunn’s unique algorithm.

Over 90% of the total revenue (>$850.000,00) since we launch 7 months ago is coming from governments. The reason for governments acquiring the right to use Sunn is because they want to map ecosystems to foster investment on R&D within their territory. We sold the right to use the algorithm and platform to governments of Colombia and Ecuador, and at the same time we are in negotiations to sell similar licenses to other countries, as well as to work together with Inter-American Development Bank ( and a major private held US company.

Now we want to enter into the US market and scale the business. This is why we are trying to find people like you that can help us build a small team and invest in sales force. We are raising money to reach $700,000. If an investment isn’t interesting for you, I would be happy to meet with you to have some feedback a good conversation would bring added value to our project one way or the other.